Dear students of EAH Jena,

my name is Daniela Gawrecká and I am a PhD candidate of Sociology, Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague and a research assistant at the Department of Political Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences.

I would like to conduct the interviews with politically active as well as non-active students Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena about their public engagement for my PhD thesis called “Contextualizing Student Political Participation: Comparison of the Czech Republic and East and West Germany”. West German and Czech part of this research took place in 2014 and 2013 in Köln, Mannheim and Prague.  If you are active in politics (e.g. political party, student political organization) or civil society (NGO, public initiative), I would like to ask you for the interview about your engagement. My research deals also with a comparison between politically active and non-active students that is why I would like ask for the interview also the students who are not interested in politics. From 30 November to 13 December I will stay in Jena because of my internship at the Institute of Sociology, FSU so we can meet for interview during that time. The interview takes approximately 40–60 minutes and all the data will be processed for academic purposes only. I will be also very grateful if you shared my request among your politically active and non-active colleagues and friends. If you are interested in the interview please contact me at my e-mail address: 

Thank you. Daniela Gawrecká